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Kid-Friendly Resources
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Hi Kids,

Welcome to Ride the Turtle Rainbow.  Learning about sea turtles will be a great adventure. Did you know that they lived before the time of the dinosaurs? Yet today, they are endangered, meaning they might not survive. Your class will be working on a project such as writing a sea turtle story or poems with a class in a different county.

Below are resources to help you discover facts about sea turtles, the ocean and conservation. There are even interactive game links below.

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Sea Turtle Facts

Academic Kids has information on the Leatherback sea turtle with vocabulary links within their text that can be further defined.

The Caribbean Conservation Corporation provides many sea turtle facts, photos, as well as viewing of satellite tracking

EuroTurtle: Frequently asked questions about sea turtles:
Also, this link has a great general sea turtle page with much information and is available in different languages:

Ocean Conservancy has a free download (34 Pages) English/Spanish very informative coloring book with detailed turtle facts and conservation practices.
PageServer?pagename=fw_turtles is an international ocean conservation organization which offers an encyclopedia of information and photos not only about sea turtles, but more than 500 other fascinating marine creatures

National Marine Fisheries Service: “The Kid’s Time” has information on all species of sea turtles

Save the Turtles, Inc. (Yes, this is us.) We have great photos of sea turtles, information on each species, and Ride the Turtle Rainbow global education connection.

San Diego Zoo: Activities for grades 6-9 learn about bio-diversity, saving energy and ecological footprint.

Defines the difference between turtle, tortoise and terrapin:

Sea Turtle, Inc is an interactive site in Spanish/ English, and you can click on a turtle species and learn more information.

Sea World has information on taxonomy, species, photos, behavior, etc. at


And turtle information:

Sea Turtle Restoration Project is a rich and diverse website, full of political action for conservation.
Free fact sheets on all species and their threats to survival:

Sea Turtle Webquest has a sea turtle information scavenger hunt using sea turtle website links. Great links for research:

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Endangered Species & Extinction

National Geographic: Accredited lesson plan on Endangered Species (offers K-12)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife: Endangered Species Program: Government site lists endangered, threatened and extinct species and plants.

Kids,  use
GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!
and type in the name of your state, country, and the words animals, plants, extinct.  What comes up?

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Global Warming: effects on sea turtles, oceans and beaches

Environmental Protection Agency:

National Geographic:

Seed Magazine:


National Wildlife Magazine



Art Project

Princeton Online offers an art project for grades 4-6 developed by Patti Caiola

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Fun Stuff: Interactive Games & Quizzes

Caribbean Conservation Corporation:

National Geographic:  “Turtles in Trouble” illustrates the threats to sea turtle survival

Euroturtle demonstrates the cycle of life, and the threats sea turtles face:
Wonderful interactive tool for learning basic biology of the turtle:
Another great game whereby you can choose what happens next with the sea turtles:

Sea World:  “ A Calculating Turtle Tale” Use your calculator to complete this turtle story!

National Geographic
has a wonderful interactive time line, called “ Sea Monsters- A Prehistoric Adventure”, and the creatures can appear in 3D!

U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service

 Games such as Connect the Dots and turtle word scramble.

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